5 Essential Coverages in Insurance Programs for Bars & Taverns

Bars & taverns, like any other business, must run with the right kind of insurance to protect their assets, reputation, staff, and customers. Not only is alcohol served to people who come in, creating plenty of potential liabilities, employees also need insurance coverage for their own well-being.

Bars & taverns need multiple layers of insurance to stay safe and keep everything running smoothly while also avoiding major risks and financial fallout. Here are the different types of insurance that bars & taverns can invest in to make sure they stay in line.

1. Property Insurance

One of the main perks for having property insurance is that it will protect bars & taverns from losses resulting from physical damage to a property. This type of insurance can provide coverage for the physical building as well as personal property that is used within an establishment.

2. Replacement Cost

Another option of property insurance is that it can also be covered with actual cash value or its replacement cost. Many owners of bars & taverns will choose replacement cost, even though it is more expensive. The reason for this is that it is a good investment if a business suffers a large loss.

3. Flood and Earthquake

If bars & taverns lie in an area that is susceptible to natural disasters like floods and/or earthquakes, it would be in an owner’s best interest to get insurance for that specifically. Flood insurance can be purchased as well as earthquake insurance to ensure a business will be covered in the worst case possible.

4. Business Income

To protect a property against lost income that they may lose in the event of a major disaster at a bar, owners may want to pick up a business income coverage option. This will protect their income while remodeling their building during its shutting down.

5. Liability Insurance

There are two separate types of liability insurance for bars & taverns that they will need to have in order to operate. First there’s general liability insurance, which will protect a business when a third party claims they received an injury on the property in question. If a customer were to slip and fall, breaking or hurting an ankle or wrist, for example, this type of insurance would protect bars & taverns.

Another type of insurance is liquor liability insurance, which comes separate from general liability. In order to get insurance for an establishment that serves liquor, this kind of liability insurance will need to be purchased.

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