What is a Condo Association & What Does it Do?

A condo association is an association of owners or renters in an apartment block or a building divided up into separate units. Members of a condo association own the shared areas collectively and are required to manage the maintenance of them. Members of condo associations are encouraged to help run the association, but with larger condo blocks, they usually elect a board of directors who take care of the administrative tasks of running a community. This board of directors also enforces the rules and handles disputes.

A Closer Look at Condo Associations

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The elected board of directors must decide how much money needs to be paid by the condo members in order to take care of communal areas and which aspects should be paid by a few members. Owners pay their shares of what is due based on the percentage of how much they own, meaning the larger the condo, the higher the proportion paid.

When it comes to upkeep, owners pay membership dues, or fees, that go toward the general maintenance of the condo complex. It is the condo association’s board of directors who coordinates all the repairs and maintenance needs.

When problems arise, and they will, especially with community members living in close proximity to each other, it’s up to the condo association’s board of directors to take care of disputes. Whether it involves a dispute over trash cans or parking, pet cleanup or noise levels, the condo association can mediate and try to resolve the problem. This can include everything from informal emails to more formal letters and even fines.

Members of a condo association’s board of directors typically change on a yearly basis. The owners of the units vote for new board of director members and have the opportunity to serve at different times, opening up the opportunity to give back to their neighbors and the community they live in.

The Potential Negatives of a Condo Association

While a condo association’s mission is to help keep everyone on an even playing field in terms of community fairness, some may feel strongly about not having a condo association. Some people may feel frustrated by having to adhere to certain rules, such as decorations or the amount of people who can live under their roof.

Another potential issue with condo associations is the people who govern their board of directors. While boards should be acting in good faith in keeping everyone happy and informed, some may use their position unfairly, imposing higher fees or giving out more notices than other board of directors.

This is where the potential for legal action comes into play. If residents feel they have been wrongly fined for an infraction or feel like the board of directors is unfairly regulating their living, they may feel like they have a legal case to make. Specific condo insurance coverages can help condo association’s during times of legal issues where costly claims can become a reality.

Having these condo insurance coverages can help with certain issues related to errors and omissions, common problems within condo associations and their board of directors.

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