Are Your Restaurant Clients Protected Against Their Greatest Liabilities?

Every restaurant faces liabilities. Without proper protection, these liabilities have the power to bring a restaurant to its knees financially. For this reason, it is essential to make sure that each of your restaurant clients has insurance coverage that protects against each of the most common exposures.

Below are some of the greatest liabilities your restaurant clients face in their day-to-day operations.

1. Alcohol

Many restaurants serve alcohol in order to boost revenue. However, when serving alcohol, restaurants take on significant risks. For example, if a customer drinks too much and causes injury after leaving the restaurant, the restaurant may be liable.

2. Food safety

One risk faced by every restaurant is the risk of food safety. Restaurants can be held responsible for injuries or illness related to the foods they serve. In addition, if a customer gets sick at a restaurant and the incident becomes public, business may decline considerably.

3. Delivery-related liabilities

For restaurants that offer delivery services, liabilities related to car accidents is always a concern. Whether the accident occurs in an employee-owned vehicle or a vehicle owned by the business, the restaurant can still be held responsible for property damage, injuries, and deaths related to the incident.

4. Employee injuries

Even with the most talented and well-trained employees, accidents may occur. For example, a server could fall while delivering a tray of food, or a member of the kitchen staff could be burned using the stove. When these accidents occur, the restaurant may be held responsible for the employee’s medical bills and lost wages.

5. Inclement weather

Like every business, restaurants are at risk of loss because of natural disasters, such as snowstorms, hurricanes, floods, and fires. When these events occur, the building, equipment, and food inventory may be damaged. Restaurants can also lose considerable revenue if they are forced to close their doors temporarily because of a natural disaster.

Each of the liabilities described above poses a significant risk to your restaurant clients. In order to ensure that your clients are protected from each of these potential risks, you need to not only be able to explain each of these liabilities, but you must also be able to offer the appropriate coverage.  American Team Managers Insurance Services has been working with independent insurance agents since 1998. We are proud to work with agents who serve clients in the restaurant industry, connecting them with the solutions they need. Please contact us today to find out how we can help you better serve your restaurant clients.

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