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Constellation Affiliated Partners was born from the idea that agents, underwriters and carriers can all thrive within a platform that utilizes core values and exceptional technology to create a unique industry marketplace. Since its inception in 2019, Constellation has launched itself into the insurance atmosphere, expanding to include more than 20 operating divisions and 500+ employees across North America. Learn more about Constellation and our partners.

Our AGENTS & BROKERS benefit from easy access to a multitude of insurance programs and products, offering flexible solutions and technology designed to make placing and managing business easy.

Our UNDERWRITERS gain access to insurance markets and operational efficiencies that improve profitability, while providing them with a full suite of in-house support systems and a robust centralized operating model.

Our CARRIER advantages include premium growth, business retention and loss mitigation. Through our centralized structure and technology, we can provide our carriers with increased clarity and profitability.

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Constellation offers a multitude of specialized insurance solutions to meet your clients’ needs. Through our diverse network of companies, you gain easy access to knowledgeable, industry professionals, located across North America.

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If you are a successful MGA or wholesale broker looking to take your business to the next level, Constellation is here for you. Whether your goal is to increase profitability, bolster program growth or develop a long-term succession plan, we have the turn-key solutions you need.

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