Trucking Companies Move to Using Driver-Facing Cameras

Technology is rapidly becoming more and more integrated into the trucking industry. From logistics planning to GPS tracking, to the newly implemented electronic logging devices (ELDs), these advances are making big improvements to driver safety, tracking and efficiency. Most recently, a new trend in installing driver-facing cameras is catching on quickly with trucking companies who are concerned about improving safety and reducing liabilities.

A number of trucking companies have moved to using driver-facing cameras in the last two years. These systems typically involve a system that is mounted to the inside of the windshield, containing cameras that face backwards toward the driver, left, right and forward towards the road. Drivers concerned with being constantly recorded can rest assured knowing that these cameras typically work by recording in a loop, constantly re-recording over previous footage until an “incident” occurs. Incidents can include hard braking, running a stop light or sign, bumping or crashing into something, improper following distances and drifting out of a lane. The incident triggers the camera system to save the resulting footage and send it to the monitoring company before continuing the normal loop-recording process. Repeated incidents can then result in a safety review between the driver and the trucking company.

Benefits for Drivers

While the idea of 360-degree monitoring may sound like an invasion of privacy, it can actually benefit drivers in a positive way. Newer cameras offer high resolution videos that, following an incident, can even pick up images reflected in a truck’s side mirrors to help determine an accurate series of events. Truck drivers often have to deal with aggressive behaviors from other drivers around them, and these cameras can help ensure they aren’t penalized for an accident that they were not at fault for.

Some trucking companies are even able to create a culture of positive reinforcement surrounding their camera systems. Cameras can be set up to record positive incidents such as allowing drivers to merge safely in front of the truck, stopping completely at a stop sign or successfully avoiding an accident. Points can be awarded to drivers for positive incidents to help promote friendly competition around safe driving practices.

Reducing Liabilities for Trucking Companies

Perhaps one of the greatest arguments for this type of camera system is the ability to greatly reduce common risks in trucking liability. Cameras capturing the perimeter of the truck can help with disputes about fault after a crash, while the driver-facing cameras can help with one of the biggest struggles – improving overall driver safety. Safety is one of the top priorities in the trucking industry, as it affects efficiency, costs and reputation among other things. The wealth of information captured by these camera systems is giving trucking companies deeper insight into their business and industry, improving sales and efficiency and giving the trucking industry a great way to overcome challenges and continue to grow in volume and value.

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