Our United Specialty Program for the Trucking Industry

Most business owners in the trucking industry understand the importance of having comprehensive commercial liability insurance to minimize and manage the involved risks. However, not all trucking insurance companies and programs are equal, and it’s important for agents to ensure they are properly addressing their transportation clients’ risks through industry-focused products.

American Team Managers Insurance Services (ATM), a united specialty insurance company, assists agents that specialize in transportation by offering industry-focused insurance products that provide comprehensive coverage for their clients. One of their carrier partners in their transportation division, United Specialty Insurance Company, allows Southern California-based ATM to deliver a portfolio of coverages for truckers in ten western states, including Texas.

ATM offers both a domestic standard program as well as a non-standard program with the same limits and policy language, for risks that do not qualify for the standard rates. Both programs have a risk appetite that covers container haulers, general freight haulers and produce haulers. The specialty programs include auto liability coverage, physical damage, trailer exchange and towing.

Applicants should fall under the categories of either container hauler, general freight hauler or produce hauler. The United Specialty Program does accept new ventures, as well as bi-national drivers who have a verifiable motor vehicle report (MVR) from their respective department of motor vehicles. In order to apply for coverage, a completed application is required, as well as an up-to-date MVR and the currently valued loss runs dating back three years. The programs are designed for operations domiciled in California, Arizona, Idaho, Oregon, New Mexico, Texas, Washington, Utah, Wyoming, and Nevada only.

Access to the ATM Transportation division is limited and requires separate approval in addition to an agency appointment. In conjunction with offering comprehensive insurance programs for the transportation industry, ATM has safety and risk management programs that can support agents in helping their trucking clients improve their risk profiles. From driver selection and training to implementing smart technology into trucks, they can guide and support agents in offering their transportation clients full-service risk management and mitigation.

Transportation insurance is not an area that an insurance agent should venture into without a certain level of expertise, and partnering with ATM can help agents reach that level. With the nuances involved in insuring freight trucks, agents can benefit from having a knowledgeable wholesaler on their team. ATM’s designated transportation department can provide agents with the knowledge, experience and product portfolio that they need to help keep them competitive in their local market.

About American Team Managers Insurance Services

Founded in 1998 by Chris C. Michaels, American Team Managers Insurance Services (ATM) has provided wholesale and MGA services to more than 5,000 independent insurance agents throughout the United States. Our goal is to establish close, long-term relationships with our agency partners and insurance carriers and provide competitive products for the Exclusive and Non-Exclusive markets that we serve. For more information on our products and services, give us a call at (714) 414-1200 to speak to a representative.